Welcome to Practical Tactical Training. It’s not enough just to own a firearm….you have to know how to use it. Michael Reynolds ( Lead Instructor) offers that knowledge. Here you can sign up for CWP classes as well as many others so you can not only carry your concealed weapons legally, but can carry it with confidence.

Our instructors at Practical Tactical are all:

SLED CWP Certified Instructors

  • USCCA Certified Instructors
  • USCCA Certified Conceal Carry & Home Defense Fundamentals Instructors
  • USCCA Certified Range Safety Officers
  • USCCA Certified Emergency First Aid Fundamentals Instructors
  • USCCA Certified Woman’s Handgun & Self Defense Fundamentals  Instructors
  • USCCA Certified Countering the Mass Shooter Threat / Church Safety – Protecting Your Congregation Instructors
  • NRA Certified Instructors
  • NRA Range Safety Officers

We offer several types of training ranging from SC CWP Course to Hand Gun Courses so you will have the confidence to know you can protect yourself as well as others.

Reciprocity Map

Practical Tactical is proud to announce that after months of promising to add a cwp reciprocity map....

Reciprocity Map

We NOW have the map for any state. This includes residential, and non-residential permits. We also show reciprocity for people with more than one concealed weapons permit from other states.

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